How to Paint Trim like a Professional

Reputable Painters Reveal Several Secrets of the Trade

Painting might not be rocket science, but it’s definitely not something anyone can do, especially when trying to achieve professional results. Those of you who have seen professional paint jobs can admit that there is a very big difference between a professional painting project and amateur work. So, if you want to get the most out of your project, then hire professional painters. This being said, there are cases when hiring a painter may not be necessary; however, for achieving outstanding results, make sure you follow at least these guidelines.

One of the most important parts of painting a wall is making sure that all the lines between the wall surface and other elements are straight and clean. Let’s take trim for example. All walls have trims that need to be painted in different colors than the wall itself. The most common technique used for this situation is taping. People apply tape on the trim, paint the walls, and then remove the tape. However, this method doesn’t offer the best results. In most cases, paint seeps through it, leaving blurry lines behind.

Professional painters use a different method for situations like this one. The technique is known by the name “cut-in,” and it doesn’t involve any tape. Basically, a professional will use a special brush that allows him to paint as close to the trim as possible, but without touching it. This way the line between the wall and trim is perfect.

Make no mistake, the cut-in technique requires a great deal of experience. However, with a lot of practice, anyone can master it. So, buy a cut-in brush and start practicing on a piece of cardboard until you’re happy with the results. When painting with a cut-in brush, use long strokes and just a little bit of paint.

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