Think You Have What It Takes to Paint Your Entire House?

DIY Versus Professional House Painter?

One thing homeowners need to consider when making the decision between a DIY project or hiring a professional residential painter is how big the job really is. The old paint will have to be removed before new primer or paint is applied to the walls. The removal of the old paint and the prep work will be strenuous, so scrapers have to be in peak physical condition in order to reach some of the harder areas to paint. Homeowners that are used to labor intensive projects could be up to tackling the scraping and prep work on an average sized property, more so if they have help from a few younger assistants. However, anything bigger than average will call for a professional painter in addition to their experienced team.

man painting a wallThere are also several hidden charges which are associated with painting a house, which some homeowners never consider. While paint can be quite cheap, all the tools, brushes, sprayers, and ladders are not. By the time all these purchases are made, the cost could be more expensive than that of hiring the services of a professional. A homeowner can rent a professional paint sprayer for an affordable daily fee. Before calling in a professional, it could pay to visit your local home improvement store and see exactly how hard it will be to use a spray painter.

A professional and their team will bring a level of expertise, which most homeowners simply do not have. They will mask areas off in order to catch any over-spray, like windows, furniture, exposed pipes, patios etc. A professional will also be able to finish a job in less time than an amateur DIY enthusiast. If time is a consideration, a homeowner is much better off calling in a professional instead of allowing a partially painted property to stay in limbo for many weeks.

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